“When the time came for my parents to find a trustee to help with our family trust, they interviewed 3 or 4 professionals. Franza’s credentials, background and the fact that she was an attorney really made her the best choice.”

Mark K., Sonoma, CA

“My husband, Jim, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s (a neurological disease) after his behavior changed drastically. I had relied on him for all of our financial matters throughout our 45 years of marriage. Besides having to figure out his behavior and try to act as his caretaker, I had to assume control of our finances. It was absolutely a nightmare for me so I turned to Franza, who organized my files, balanced our accounts, reviewed our investments and developed an income stream to meet my expenses. When Jim passed away I felt confident that all my financial needs would be taken care of.”

Ann J., Winter Park, FL

“After suffering mild brain damage in a car accident in my early twenties I found it best to live at home with my parents. When my mother died, the bank declined to act as my Trustee so my mother’s attorney gave me Franza’s number. Now I live in a wonderful assisted living home and have all the care, friendships and fun I need, enjoying the gardening, tai chi, games and activities available. I am very happy with my life.”

Patricia L., San Francisco, CA

“My son moved in with me after his terrible divorce. He lost his job, drank heavily and began writing checks on my bank account. I felt so sorry for him but also felt trapped between loving him and my worry and disappointment in his character change. I just could not bring myself to ask him to leave. Asking Franza to intervene as my Successor Trustee helped me work out a solution for my benefit.”

Nancy F., San Francisco, CA

My sister confined to a wheel chair over forty years. I’m the only member of the family providing help to my sister. Care taker and medical problems spiraling out of control. Franza showed me there were options available and provided contacts. There seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. Lifting the burden off me will ensure my sister my help for many years to come.

JWO, Pittsburg, CA

Franza Giffen was the financial conservator and trustee for my step-mother for three years. We faced a complex legal situation and a hoarding legacy as well as some tricky interpersonal issues. In all our dealings, I found Franza to provide knowledgeable and organized service in a kind and compassionate way.

Mimi P., CA