Fiduciary Services

PEO International (Philanthropic Educational Organization) October 2017
‘Women helping women reach for the stars’

The Uses of Probate Referees by Professional Fiduciaries,  2016, 2017

Rotary Club of Richmond, CA, 2015

Estate Administration Procedures; Why Each Step is Important
(Seminar for Attorneys)
National Business Institute, Oakland, CA, December, 2012

Powers of Attorney, Who, What and When
East Bay Professional Fiduciary Association of California, October 2012

Closing the Estate (Webcast)
Institute for Paralegal Education, September, 2012

Administration of the Estate, The Probate Process
Institute for Paralegal Education, April, 2012

So You Want to be a Private Professional Fiduciary?
Nuts and Bolts of the Profession
California Probate Referees Convention, October, 2010

What are Probate Referees and Why do they want my Inventory?
Professional Fiduciary Association of California, May, 2010